Enhance Customer Experience

- Are you looking for ways to impress your customers?

- Want to identify the missing gaps to improve?

- Do you want better ways in handling complaints?

- How about converting complaints into opportunities?

- Wouldn’t it be amazing to measure and manage?


This customer experience enhancing session is for anyone looking at renewing strategy, identifying gaps, improving their overall service level and measuring the customers’ experience to manage it better.

The session is suitable for any type and size of the company across all industries and 
is practical and engaging.

Starting from understanding the present situation, your customer service goals, mapping down the touchpoints to identify places of improvement, using feedback effectively and having a method to measure the overall to maintain the expected service level.

The session adds real value, motivates and gives you a game plan to implement.

Session Outline


Present Situation

Places of Improvements

Using Feedbacks


Customer Service Goals

Managing Complaints

Renewing Strategy 


Mapping Touch Points

Measure to Manage

Game Plan

Session Outcomes




Improve Efficiency


Clear Focus

Working Plan

Tips & Tools