Business Strategy Workshop

business strategy workshop

– Looking for a high-level brainstorming session?

– Need to align your goals with your team?

– Are you looking at identifying opportunities?

– Do you want people to take ownership?

– Want to develop a game plan?


Most of us know where Melbourne is; however, when asked to point out which side it is? Not everyone is going to point in the same direction. No one is wrong; we can still get to Melbourne directly or with a few transits. Everybody will eventually get there.

Similarly, everyone’s way of reaching the company’s goal can be right. However, as a company, we have tight deadlines, limited recourses, challenges, competition, and you name it.

The workshop puts things into perspective and looks at reaching the goals most effectively and efficiently as a team. Everyone gets to share their thoughts, ideas, challenges, the support they need and identify quick wins.

As a team, they get aligned and agree on the goal coming up a game plan which lets them take ownership.

The session is fun, interactive and engaging. It’s a mix of serious brainstorming, discussions and activities linking back to the business.

business strategy workshop sri lanka

Workshop Outline


Agree on situation

Scan Internal Environment

Expectations and Fears

How do we Improve?

Commit to a vision

Last 12-months

Scan external environment

Agree on the game plan

Session Outcomes



Aligned team


Support from team

Taking ownership

Being a better leader


Action plan

Working document

Better team player

Tips and tools